Direct Mail & Email Newsletters

Want more business? Looking for new customers?

Direct marketing via mail and email can be an effective way to invite to customers you want into your business. To create your direct marketing campaign we follow these steps for success:

  • Research: We talk with you about your target customers. Then we do a deep dive, uncovering information about where they are, what they like and how you can best reach them.
  • Write: Once we have great information about your target customers we work with you to create a quick yet compelling message about why your business fits their needs, how you deliver exceptional service and what you can do for them.
  • Design: We use design to visually highlight your message and attract the right crowd to you.
  • Launch: At go time, we’re right here with you. We let you know about your direct mail or email launch, follow up communication schedule and help you monitor response rates. If you and your team need pointers on call conversion or phone response, we can coach you through it.

To find out how direct marketing can improve your business, please contact us about our services.