Nicole’s Biography

Nicole FrancoisAt the age of eight, Nicole opened her first lemonade stand. By 12 she consistently beat her family members at Monopoly. At age 20 she realized a dream by writing for the CBS Evening News.

It is no wonder that today Nicole blends her bottom-line business sense with her passion for creative yet effective media communication to help our clients engage customers and grow profits.

Prior to founding Market Well in 2006, Nicole worked for Hamilton/Saunderson where she directed campaigns for clients in the health care, retail and government sectors.

Today, Nicole leads all marketing and communications efforts at Market Well. Her work includes campaigns for BPM Senior Living, CRAVE Company, Discus Dental, Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, Jeanette Kern, DDS and Seattle Study Club. She is a graduate of Seattle University with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in French.

Nicole is relentlessly committed to delivering outstanding service and customized campaigns that deliver results.


wins Monopoly, hones negotiating skills writes script for Dan Rather, watches her words on the 6pm news enters marketing, learns the ropes opens Market Well, promotes clients in health, beauty and lifestyle